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Pellicceria Franco was founded in Ventimiglia in 1977, descending from an historical heritage acquired through the shops of great master craftsmen. From the very beginning the atelier has been able to establish itself as a shop and a laboratory of the highest quality, and through the decades it has become one of the greatest excellences of the Riviera dei Fiori. Passion, professionality and ability are the key features of Pellicceria Franco.

A set of knowledge which determines the care for refinements, enriched with aesthetic details and characterized by the creativity of their drawings.
These are the pillars which over the years made the handmade clothing of Pellicceria Franco the most beloved not only in the Riviera di Ponente, but also in the near French Riviera and abroad, gaining an international reputation.

Through the years, the clothing lines created and proposed by the laboratory of Ventimiglia have been able to renew themselves by keeping up with the latest fashion trends and by maintaining an attractive and fashionable style which continues to impress nowadays. Pellicceria Franco has its roots in the old artisanal tradition, but it looks to the future of fashion by innovating and creating unique garments for men and women.

Fashion shows

The prestigious history of the atelier includes also important fashion shows in some of the most elegant and fancy facilities of the area, from the clubs of the Riviera Ligure to the hotels of Monte Carlo.



The high-fashion atelier Pellicceria Franco is located in Ventimiglia, a unique position in the beautiful Riviera dei Fiori, just a few minutes from Sanremo and Monte Carlo. The elegant boutique, decorated in classical style, includes the shop and the laboratory where, since 1977, glamour clothing is made for both men and women. The hides and skins we use only come from the best breeding centres in Northern Europe, Russia and North America.

They are carefully selected in order to respect the high standards of quality and elegance required by our loyal customers. Here you will find high-quality mink coats, fox furs, chinchilla coats and sables, processed with innovative techniques and special dyestuffs, and refined manually by the talented master furriers who work in the laboratory right above the shop. The great collection of furs offered by Pellicceria Franco represents the perfect combination of quality of materials, sophistication, fondness for precision and creativity. As a matter of fact, the items made in the laboratory of Ventimiglia vary in cut, colour and hues. Therefore they are suitable for every occasion and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.


You will find comfortable clothes for the day and fancy dresses for the evening, but also casual clothing and furs which will give you a unique style and a glamour and enviable look. Who wears one of these custom-tailored clothes feels elegant, stylish, confident, and senses the professionalism and painstaking work which were necessary to make it. Furthermore, Pellicceria Franco offers to its customers important services such as custody of clothes, fur and leather cleaning, refurbishment and repair services.



Pellicceria Franco is located right in the town centre of Ventimiglia, in Corso Genova 1/D, just a few steps from the sea and a few minutes from the French Riviera. It is possible to reach the atelier by taking the A10 (Autostrada dei Fiori Genova-Ventimiglia) and leaving it through the Ventimiglia exit. The taxi service is an easy and quick alternative for reaching the shop. The atelier is open from 9 AM to 12.30 PM and from 3 PM to 7.30 PM. Closed on Sundays from April to September. For further information please contact Pellicceria Franco at the following contacts:

+39 0184 33808

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